Casemodding, heat, weekends and Movie insanity.

First off, I need to explain that I am making a custom PC for my step-son from a previous marriage. He's a great kid, (well now a man, he's over 18) and still looks up to me as a father. Anyways, I am building the custom PC for him. I started modding it by getting one of those window kits. I always made my mods from scratch, I never used a "kit" before, so I decided that to save some time a kit would make things go faster...

Window mod kits that use that rubber moulding SUCK BIG TIME! After screwing around with the rubber gasket for an hour and then spending 20 minutes fighting with a window that dos not want to stay in the gasket, it's easy to push out if you push from the back! what crap! I always made my hole and then cut plexi custom so I could rivet it on from the back fo the panel. Yes it took some time to smooth the hole so it looked great, but it takes ALOT less work than to screw with this abortion called a window-mod-kit. I have to add superglue on the rubber to case connection to make the damned thing stay in and flat with the case side.

do yourself a favor. buy a pre-window-modded case or add your window from scratch. NEVER use these nasty kits with the rubber gasket/moulding.

I actually just finished mowing the lawn.. It's 85 degrees out and the sun is pretty close to high-noon.. Mmmm I feel baked. nice to see that summer finally decided to come to michigan, now let's see if I can actually get my deck done, or at least some progress done on it today.

Oh, we had a read-through for the Whisper of War script today. Everyone EXCEPT the one girl to play opposite of the star showed up. We decided to re-write to change her role to a male role for one of the actors that has actually shown up to every meeting. we made some changes to the script and actually will start shooing the scenes in two weeks.

Yikes! I have to get a microphone boom, a tripod dolly and some track finished in 2 weeks! oh and order 2 hats and some colonial socks for the 3 men's roles. Oops, forgot the gold buckles for the men's shoes, and probably another 30 things we absolutely need done.