The weekend Aftermath...

Well the weekend was not a total disaster... These people setting up that Ren-Faire dont do much that is filmable... I need to show people building things, paing things... just DOING things to show that work is being done to build a renfaire... well saturday night some filming was accomplished, sunday was a complete waste as nobody showed up to start working until it was time for us to pack up and leave. we were able to get one interview finished. The RV's sleeping arrangements are not bad, it was warm until the furnace decided to develop a crack in the heat exchanger and start pumping exaust into the camper. so I shut down the furnace at 3:30am and opened all the windows to clear the air... the temperature dropped to 38degF in a hurry and everyone except me complained about the cold in the morning... I am finding that it is MUCH easier for me to shoot the scenes and interviews instead of having someone else do it. I can frame things up and get the angles I want instead of hoping that the DP is getting them.

I am tired as hell today... Sleeping 9 hours last night did not make up for barely sleeping the night before and getting up early the night before that... I need to rememeber to drink lots more water when we are shooting scenes... I feel so dehydrated today that I have an overall sick feeling.

Next weekend is the opening weekend of the faire, and I am planning on trying to shoot almost 3 hours of video so we ca nwrap this whole thing up and start reviewing/editing the project over the next couple of months.. I also need to write the commercials I promised them and shoot the video needed for those commercials...

on a side note... the "warm cards" I made myself work great! I spent $2.00 each on these and they are better than the $30.00 a set cards you can buy. I am convinced that most video/movie equipment can be made better and cheaper than simply buying it.


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