A Requiem For Summer's End

It seems that summer is in fact at an end now. Leaves are falling (Except for that damned Oak in the front yard) the colors are changing and there is a playful nip in the air in the morning and late evening.

It's wierd, the world going to sleep and preparing for winter is the season I like. I do not like spring, everything feel's so dirty from the winter before it. Fall is clean, it had an entire summer to wash away the grime that was collected during winter. Camping in Fall is better than summer. The campgrounds are deserted so you can enjoy the state park's in peace and without any of the annoyances that are fellow human beings.

Summer is at an end, yet the best of michigan is starting.

Ok, a bit more melodramatic of me and certianly not techie in any way but hey, It's my online Journal so NYAH!