Upgrading Slackware

There are some parts of Slackware 10 that are showing some age. The Kernel is a default 2.4.26 so upgrading the kernel to a 2.6 kernel is a must if you want to use any of the newer stuff geared for the new kernel series. (Beware incompatability with the nvidia drivers!) And upgrading Gnome to the 2.8.1 series is a nice performance boost as well as finding a bunch of fun games to add and other apps that make it overall a better place to do things.

I hope to cronicle here some steps that are needed to do this to Slackware. and Hope that I am not simply recreating things that are already done in the 10.1 release that is due in the near future.

two CRITICAL apps that really need to be added to slackware distribution and installed by default...

one is XPKGTOOL a great app that allows click and drool package installation and management as well as updating from the /current directory on slackware servers.

the other is Checkinstall a awesome app that allows you to compile an app from source and create a slackware package AND install that package so you can undo the installation of that app plus give a nice automatic slackware package to install to your friends.

these two apps are something that should absolutely be a part of the core slackware distribution. I just hope that Patrick will see their extreme usefulness and include them soon.


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