XBMC Internet TV on the Easy....

I'm a HUGE fan of XBMC (X box Media Center) it's hands down the best media center setup that exists. Yes far better than Windows Media center, because it's 100% free. and open. It has video and audio support for every single video and audio format. Plus it's really easy to add internet TV channels to it.

Simply go into the videos section and add a new source, select brows and network location, then choose type RSS.

for a site like Frederator.... at http://feeds.channelfrederator.com/channel_frederator/rss

Put in server address the "feeds.channelfrederator.com" part
and then for the location section you put in the "channel_frederator/rss" part.

Now in your videos folder you have a nice new source that lists all the feeds from that RSS. click and watch, Internet TV rocks. to find more feeds simply look around your favorite sites... TWIT.tv has RSS feeds for all the different Video shows they make. Revision3 does as well... new episodes are automatically inserted in your listings of episodes. Life is what it should be.... Now only if the brain-dead networks would do the same. I'd LOVE to be able to get scifi and discovery network show feeds. I'd even pay a couple of bucks a month to get them with commercials.

Note: This only works with open and standards based podcasts. Scummy companies that wrap their video up in flash dont want you to watch them outside of a web-browser so those do not work. if the podcast is created and ran by competent people it's a standard RSS feed with a standard video file format for the video.


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