Best way of dealing with JVC TOD files Convert to mpeg

I love my JVC GZ-HD7 High Def hard drive semi-pro camera. when ran in Manual mode it works awesome, but it records as wierd "TOD" files. They are actually MPEG files but with some junk bytes added to each frame. Why? to avoid paying MPEG royalties. The handy part is that it's easy to convert them to real mpeg files... You dont need their crappy software or any special applications. All you need is the open source ffmpeg library. It's available for Linux OSX and windows.

Install it on your pc and then simply issue the following command....

ffmpeg -i myclip.TOD -acodec copy -vcodec copy myclip.mpg

This will process it incredibly fast but only strip out the garbage 4 bytes. No conversion is actually done, no re-encode, it's preserved 100% and converted to a real HD mpeg 2 file as it was recorded in the camera.

The cool part is that you can easily script that command in a Unix or OSX environment. Windows people are stuck having to come up with a way to automate the command.


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