Ubuntu at home: Week 2

This week I threw a lot of hardware at the linux box. even my M-audio Xsession pro DJ console works, along with a crappy labtec usb webcam I found in the basement. I have skype installed (easier than a windows install, that was cool!)

Youtube works fine, probably because I made sure to install a 32 bit linux. Flash sucks under 64 bit linux because adobe is dragging their feet. All of facebook works just fine as well... Actually all of the internet except for silverlight and Active X sites work. Or the ones designed by webdevs that cant code to HTML specs, you know... I.E. 6 only websites.... This is the same experience that OSX users get.

I was not able to get my UareU thumb scanner working. I found some detailed info on how, but honestly this thing did not work well under windows, so I dont expect a miracle with this uncommon device.

One interesting note that Ubuntu does that windows does not. the junk hard drive I threw into the box is failing with excessive bad sectors. Windows ignores this ... Ubuntu gave me a warning that the drive should not be trusted to live much longer... That's cool.


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