Smartphone bluetooth car woes...

I have discovered that the current crop of ALL smartphones from the Nokias to the iPhone to the newest android Nexus 1 phone all have huge problems with vehicle bluetooth audio and phone calls. No this is not the car's faults it's the phones. Every car that has problems with calls or A2DP have ZERO problems with my wifes older Razr or my old Nokia N62.

It seems that all the smartphone makers (all Nokia's current phones are unusable in bluetooth enabled cars) decided to not test their hardware before shipping. Companies like Nokia are ignoring users. Google is silent as to their Bluetooth failures, and Apple is at least trying to fix their bluetooth stack, but its' still broken.

Honestly the only phone that is 80% reliable with your car's bluetooth is the iPhone. The Nexus 1 phones and all the current Nokia smart phones simply do not work or are intermittent.

integrated bluetooth in the car is the future and is not new. Why these phone makers cant get the phone-call portion to work 100% reliably and let the A2DP fail I'll never know.


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