Smartphone Woes: part 2

Ok, I finally gave up on the fights... Nokia has basically told me that they will NOT be fixing their blue-tooth stack, as it works perfectly with their products. Too bad Ford Sync and BMW is not a nokia product. I also gave up on the signal strength problems. 3g Nokia phones tend to not be very sensitive and lose signal a lot compared to Motorola phones and iPhones. They are on part with samsung phones. I need my phone to work 100% of the time. not 90% of the time, and it MUST work with my bluetooth headset, my helmet, and my car, 100% of the time. So I gave up. I bought an iPhone. it works on all these and seems to work for receiving and sending calls 100% of the time. I get 2-3 bars in the bad coverage areas of my house where the Nokia phones will have no service. AND it will reacquire a new tower quickly instead of the 30-80 seconds the nokia phones take. Sitting there knowing you have coverage but looking at the "no service" indicator for over a minute while the phone finally get's around to doing it's secondary phone function is dumb. I was a Nokia phone fan for over a decade. I loved their phones but the latest crop with S60 has made the reliability drop to about 80% enough to get below my tolerance threshold and give up on them.

I'm not a fan of the closed hype that is the iPhone, but I do give them credit where it is due. this 3Gs just works, battery life is dismal at less than 16 hours of mixed use and in a pocket, charging it when you get home is a requirement (I get a boost charge in the 40 minute drive to work and home so it makes a solid day for me) but you will never go 2-3 days between a charge on these phones. they MUST be charged nightly. That's a pain in the arse for traveling and camping.

P.S. DONT use push for email. it will suck your battery down in 3 hours even if you dont use the phone.


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