Ubuntu at home: Week 2.5

Just a quick update.... I grabbed a old Mustek scanner from the basement pile of junk and hooked it up to the Test Ubuntu PC. It worked without drivers. Try THAT with windows. My wife is still happy with Ubuntu taking over her laptop. She is 100% microsoft free except for the copy of IE that is installed under WINE for accessing the State websites that are IE only. She has mentioned that her laptop is a LOT faster than with XP. Granted I bumped the ram to 4gig and added a 7200rpm 250gig drive.. But her laptop would not play youtube video smoothly under windows. It's perfectly smooth even in HD under Ubuntu Linux. Not bad for a old outdated single core 1.66ghz dell laptop with intel graphics.

It gave the laptop new life, plus she is immune to all the viruses and spyware out there. Yes, ALL I know of the 4 linux viruses and 12 trojans. All of which require you to download and run them plus give them root access. If windows required all that work to run a user app as administrator it also would have almost no viruses or spyware. It's this same principal that keeps Mac OSX machines clean of viruses and spyware without running a scanner.