Tao of web surfing

I have become fed up once again with how ad's on the net not only get in your face and screw up your computer (yes some ad's have spyware payloads in them) but slow you down. Once again today a doubleclick.net ad took forever to load. Grrr! I am tired of this and back in the day I used to use a tool to get rid of all the crud. PRivoxy is a open source application that you can install even under windows and it will scrub out advertising you do not want to see (anything from doubleclick.net and a few others) and leave what you are ok with (google adsense ad's) it simply replaces the ad with blank space. you never even see it was there.

I used to use this back in my comcast days, made the network connection faster at the office for everyone if they all ran through a privoxy proxy to never even request the advertisments.

now web pages pop up faster, I dont get the annoying java popup in the middle of some sites and I have my sanity once again.... well some sanity... I desperately want a T-shirt with the latest Venture brothers episode name on it. !Viva Los Muretos! or Long live the dead! Anything I can do to confuse my fellow humans!


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