Loss of a pet.

I had to do something really hard today. I had to get rid of a pet the my family and I loved dearly. We had her cince she was 6 weeks old, she would cuddle up against me at night, chase our hands under the covers, and attack us playfully through the shower curtians when we showered. She played, loved to chase the Collie and had no fear of the dog from day one and she got along with all the animals. Great personality, absolutely beautiful animal, photogenic...

Except for one thing..... She peed in any open box or what she thought was a box. Laundry hamper, laundry basket, grandkids toybox, storage tub, etc.. you name it we found pee in it. We tried everything to fix this problem.. The vet only offered useless tips, online and books had no answer... this cat liked to pee in things. WE kept her confiened in the bathroom, she hated it. She wanted to be with us. We hated it as we had a fight every time we wanted to use that bathroom. This was no life for the cat, our only choice was to get a cage for her and keep her in the cage.. This cat loved to be with people and living in a cage in the corner of the basement was no life.

Our choice was either let her roam and live in a house that smells like cat urine and have everything destroyed, buy a cage and have her in it miserable, or give her away.

She is gone now, at the local animal shelter. My daughter is crying, she did not get to say goodbye. I'm feeling like crap, as I feel like I betrayed that animal.

Being a responsible adult sucks.... having to be the heavy that does the dirty deed and make the decision sucks even more......