Headlight restoration update

A quick update to headlight and other plastic lens restoration. I found a better solution that is cheaper and has better results.
items you need....masking tape, 800grit,1000grit, 1500grit, 2000grit and 2500grit automotive sand paper. polishing compound, bucket of water, several clean rags and some Mothers plastic polish(optional)

start by masking off all painted parts around the headlight, taillight, etc.. you do not want to scratch your paint. if you can removethe lens to work on it that is better.

start soaking all the sand paper in the bucket, you need a piece that is 3 inches by 6 inches of each grit. wipe off the lens and grab the 800 grit paper and lightly sand with your hand, do this until you cover the whole lens and keep adding water, you need to keep things wet.

after doing the whole lens switch to 1000 grit. and redo the entire lens, then switch to 1500, 2000 and 2500... at each step be sure you are sanding out the sanding marks from the last grit. when you are done the lenses should be milky but clear when wet, look for any spots you missed and redo them to get the lens uniform.

now while wet rub the lens wit the polishing compound or rubbing compound. make it smooth and keep adding some. now switch to only polishing compound and keep going until the lens is crystal clear. if you finish with plastic polish liquid it looks even better. I then add a coat of wax to give it a nice shine.

all done. 10-15 minutes tops and you did not blow $30-$200 on a "secret restore kit"
this works great on everything I have tried. you might do nasty damage to your car so be warned, and I am not responsible for anything you do to damage your car. Your fault for listening to me! This information for entertainment purposes only, take externally, do not boil, keep out of reach of children.