How I am voting this november.

Fed up with the rights stomping, secret police supporting, fear mongering, self serving and American hating leaders we currently have in place not only in the Federal level but state and local levels, I have decided that complete and utter change is needed. I am voting for the opponent of every single person running for office but only if they are democrat or libertarian. I am tired of the lies, and the glee they steal our rights from us in name of "FIGHTING TERRORISM" they have been looking for a bogyman to scare us with since the Korean war and they found one. One that can not be defeated which is perfect because it perpetuates the fear and keeps giving them the right to oppress the citizens in the name of "SECURITY".

There is one big exception to my voting though... Here in Michigan a rich spoiled brat named Devos wants to be leader of this state. He has NO political background, has a proven record that he cares only about himself and is currently trying to convince the workers of this state that he is on their side and to ignore the fact that he is one of the biggest proponents of outsourcing and moving jobs out of michigan there is. I will NOT be voting for the spoiled rich brat that is bored and wants to try for a power grab.

Democrat /Libertarian all the way. and funny part is that everyone I have talked to has the same attitude.... "anything but republican" is the answer I am hearing from many people, this is even from prevoiusally staunch republicans!

I encourage you to take some time and research the facts out there. you are less free and less secure now than before 9/11 happened. More countries and people hate us now than ever before. Most of the Senators and Representatives are working on their personal agendas and making decisions and statements that are the most un-american and dangerous to our freedom than any terrorist attack could ever be. read up on who is in office and who is the challenger. look at their track records, what they are promising (read that as how bad are they lying to get you to vote) and their background.

My biggest problem is that I have never met a honest politician, so we are up against voting for the lesser evil once again... I so wish a regular joe would get into office. someone that knows what it was like to worry about bills, feeding his family and cherishes his freedom.


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