Geo Metro Improved oil filtration and notes

Today I decided that on my oil change I was not going to use the same old tiny oil filter. I discovered that the fram 3600 filter is exactly the same size to spin on but 2 times the length giving me almost 2 times the filteration area in the filter. this will make the suction side of the filter work better and give my car far better filtration. Most performance cars have a 2X sized filter available for them, why cant a economy car also get the same benefit? ourt little engines deserve nice clean oil and flowing at a higher rate so our oil pumps are not strained it also raises the RPM where your oil filter goes into bypass mode because of back pressure. bypass mode = no filtration. Also go to a local hobby lobby or other hobby place and buy some really high power magnets and plop them on your filter. they will stay there until your nest oil change and attract any metal particles in the oil and keep them out of the stream, although the paper should trap them, it's nice to be sure, and it's far cheaper than those "magna filter doohickeys they sell for $29.95.. you can get the same effect from $3.95 of super strong magnets or pry them out of a old computer hard drive.

I also discovered a typical failure mode of the heater/ac fan.. it's not your fan, it's probably the selector switch. the top ofthe switch will pop off because it's held on by some really really weak plastic clips. and here is a bit of fun, you have to replace the whole heater control assembly to fix this problem.... so if your heater fan has quit in all fan speed settings, it's probably your switch.


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