I am now further happy with the wonderful direction our country is taking to protect us from the billions of terrorists that are poised and ready to kill every one of us! They are hiding in our shower drains, behind every bush, and lurking in the shadows of your backyard ready to strike!

From Bush signing the "Martial Law act" article and the actual bill text (no that is not what it is called) on the 17th which allows him to declare martial law anywhere in the USA for safety reasons to the new ministry of truth that the pentagon has started as reported here I feel so much safer.

Who made Mein Kompf (hitlers book) and 1984 required reading for the government officials? why did they not get told that those were examples of what NOT TO DO?

I do not know what to be more fearful of about our leaders... Their incredible penchant for evil or the unbelieveable amount of incompetence they have that actually protects us from most of their deeds.

I think the saddest part is most of the incompetent and evil bent senators and house of represenatives out there will probably get re-elected because americans really do not care one tiny bit. They dont care about politics, they do not care that freedoms are being taken away.....

Update: added links to the law in question... People though that the Ohio State massacre was bad, wait until you see tanks rumbling down your street to protect your "freedom" and anyone voicing their opinion become "insurgents"... remember this history....

In 1933 "terrorists" destroyed German Reichstag. To begin war on terror, the German "Patriot" act was passed getting rid of habeas corpus. The German congress passed the Enabling Act to help the president's "war on terror". Hitler consumated the powers granted to him by the Congress through this legal process.