Video Editing and legacy hardware

First I am not some computer nut that must have the latest and greatest. I edit video quite well on a Stone age P4 2.8E processor. I recently upgraded my motherboard because of a usb failure on my top of the line MSI motherboard. I upgrade to the ASUS P4P800-E deluxe in hopes of reducing the number of cards in the PCI bus. I have an Audigy 2 in there, 2 seperate USB cards because the compusa branded USB 2.0 pci card is really a USB 1.1 and should be avoided at all costs (Avoid ANY CompUSA branded Pci cards.. They are Low LOW end.)... Anyways, Something simple as a motherboard swap is always painful.. One thing I discovered that the ASUS is lacking in that MSI can do is that the 5 PCI slots are really not all useable as in the MSI boards. PCI slot 1 is shared with about 3 other IRQ's AND PCI slot 5. Making that slot almost 100% useless. I did not discover this until after trying to get thing stable it starts spontanious rebooting. Running memtest98 on a CD for 3 hours shows no problems but whenever I boot into windows fully it would start rebooting for no reason.... Until I installed the latest Nvidia drivers (I have a pair of nvidia cards for 3 monitor use) and it crashes badly on reboot every time. Remove the PCI card and Voila I get stability! So I use this as an excuse to upgrade my really old TNT2 pci card to a FX4000 so I can use the latest Nvidia drivers and plop it in a different pci slot.

Moral of the story? ASUS pci slot 1 is useless do not use it except for maybe another usb card or something that does not care about bandwidth or high data rates.


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