2005 retrospect and an apology as an american to the world.

It is the last hours of 2005 and I am sitting here waiting for one of my best friends and her daughter to arrive to ring in the new year as we usually do. 2005 has been a crappy year for many people I know. I have career and employment changes looming, My brother had chest problems as was rushed to the hospital. But others have had it worse, far far worse than I have. I have yet to run into anyone that can say that 2005 was a GREAT year for them. The economy is still tanked, the poor sre still being sent to die in forign lands where we are not wanted, Businesses and people are going bankrupt at an alarming rate, and corperations have solidified their ownership of the american government with the passage of laws geared to punish the citizens in favor of corperations.

Yup, 2005 sucked.

One thing that really opened my eyes lately was that I forgot that 99% of the American citizenry have never known what it is like to have their skies full of enemy planes dropping bombs on them. Most of europe still has grandparents and parents that still have nightmares from WW-II and eastern europe is currently living that nightmare as we sit all comfortable in our homes in suburban america. As an american, one who is more patriotic than any member of the current government in control here, I humbly give my apology to the rest of the world for the horrible mess we have made. Our leaders in the name of fighting "terroism" have used it as a foothold to erode freedom where they can find it. They firmly trampled the constitution of the United States with the passage of the martial law bill called the "patriot act" and then use the thin veil of fighting "terrorism" to invade a soverign country without having a real war declared in Congress. I am sorry that our leaders are out of control and making decisions based on horrible ideas. Please understand that most americans are not for what is happening. They talk of america as the land of the free. This is in fact not true. We are the land of the "more free than the opressive countries" but we certianly are not free here. We can not protest our president except for in designated areas away from the press. Acting unamerican will get you labelled as a possible terrorist and watched (yes this letter/apology is enough to get that done). And corperations rule every aspect of your lives here. In the United States your home is owned by a corperation as well as your land. You have to get approval for what you want to do on your land. Your livelyhood is ruled by corperations and they try to keep you from opening your own store or business by passing laws to limit you called "licenses" and "ordinaces" that only suit to protect their business and keep the ones without vast wealth from starting their own businesses. The only way someone can make it on their own here without vast riches in the USA is on the black market, or by breaking the law by not getting a business license or a permit for their business, shop, etc... (in saying vast riches I mean someone with $100,000.00 or more... an amount that makes you exceedingly rich in most places in this world.)

These are only excuses though. As americans we could stand up and tell the President "NO!" and to get our troops home. And honestly we have tried, some of us have been yelling for this from the very beginning being labelled as unamerican and traitors by those around us who like to follow what is popular instead of what is right. Funny how those that spit on us as traitors are now standing along side us calling for our troops to come home.

I am sorry people of the world for everyone we have killed. Every child that will grow up in terror because they suffered with our bombing of the place they called home. And every mother and father that has had to bury their child in the name of this insanity that is called "fighting for freedom". Ironic how we killed your family in the name of freedom.

The united states has had real reasons for war in the past, and attacking the USA directly is certianly a situation I support going to war over. But it seems that our president does not care about those that attacked the USA but is hell bent on finishing the job his daddy started in the early 90's. Iraq is a casualty of insanity. Freedom of the United States people is a casualty of insanity and apathy. And in the name of what the leaders of the United States is fighting for, Everyone loses.

We only have 3 more years of the current leadership here, but I can warn you that whoever comes to power after him will be no better.


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