A Failure of Society.

I have some ideas and they come from a place on the other side of the world. First I have alsways wondered why suburbia and rural spraw happens. And after really looking at some of the reasons why I desire moving out of the city as well as the reason that others I have talked to want the same thing it comes down to 3 basic dynamics. 1- cost. I can buy Massively more in the country than in the city for less money. It makes my life affordable to pay a $800.00 a month Mortgage payment than paying a $3500.00 a month rent payment on a loft or apartment that is 1/5th the size in the city. 2 - safety. Honestly people "feel" safer in the country and suburbia than they do in the city. Typicaly because the safety services in the city are broken and have per capita 1/20th the finances than the rural and suburbs have. 3 - Desire to make their own. People like to make things their own. typically only the ultra rich can afford to completely remodel a loft in the city. Licensing and permits are out of control in cities and dealing with a building owner can be a nightmare. So in the coutry or suburbs wher you can buy your own house and build that deck in the backyard yourself or paint your house without a permit, or replace your door without having to have a comittee approve it.

This is why the sprawl is still there in spite of the new rebuilt lofts in downtown buildings. people want control over thir living space at AFFRODABLE prices. Someone making a very typical $35,000.00 should not have to pay nearly 60% of his take home pay for simply paying for his housing... Yes he/she can find cheaper next to the crack dealers in the bad part of town but that only forces them to smaller towns 1 hour away and they drive knowing they have a better place to live when they get home.

do I have an answer? no, but I can identify the problem and see that the problem will never EVER go away. If I could find a 3 bedroom apartment on the 5th-16th floor of a high rise that toweres farther up that I could afford 20 minutes from work I would be all over it. but everything that is available requires me to either make 2X my salary or I need to see if I want to risk my family living in the projects paying an affordable rent that my neighbors get paid by the government.


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