Holiday endgame.

In a dark room a single light shines from the ceiling casting it's glow in a cone of smoke filled air. it's target is the game board on the table and all around you can see looming figures in the darkness sitting around the table intently staring at our hero as he contemplates his move. he looks surrounded, he is down to his last pieces and visibly shaken from the previous events. Everything looks bleak and there is no escape. The next decision he makes will be the end of the game, the last move he can take in this round. With sweat pouring down his forehead and a look of uncertainty he reaches for one of his pieces with his trembling hand. Hesitating he checks his position for the 50th time and then closes his eyes hoping that the next move will have the intended consequences......

No matter what move he makes, the game is over. Win or Loss are the only choices. This game has came to an end having played it for 6 years and really enjoying it for the first 5 years things came down to some very tight and difficult choices. The interesting part is not in the game but in the choices to be made afterwards. Does he win and play another round against the same opponents? does he lose and try the game again elsewhere? How about tipping over his king, walking away and starting over with a completely different game?

These are the choices our hero must make. His past is hanging in the balance and no matter what choice he makes his life will change forever.

Ok, I'm a drama queen today. Christmas shopping is not done, changes in life make me re-think everything on a weekly basis and I still do not know.

I have the rest of the year off from work. Maybe I'll simply finish the wedding video for Bronwyn and spend the rest of it reflecting and thinking so I can come back to that game board and make my final move with confidence that the decision I made is the one that I am proud to make.


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