Never eat anything bigger than your head.

Holidays means food. Holidays means gluttony, lots of gluttony. Admit it. you enjoy it. Going to friends and eating, family and eating, more eating, Ohh! treats! Eat, Eat, EAT! And the problem is that traditionally this time of the year everything is full of Carbohydrates and Fat. It's a throwback from over 500 years ago when you really did need to fatten yourself up for the winter to increase chances of survival. nothing like living in a hut or smallish house with the wind whipping through it as if there was nothing holding it back because the idea of window glass, insulation and door seals did not exist. everyone slept in the one big bed to conserve heat for survival and feeding the fireplace was your only light at night and only source of real heat.

As someone trying to low-carb it this time of the year makes my life hard. Go to a family Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and 90% of the food is high carbohydrate.. yes I can eat the turkey and some of that honey glazed ham and be a good boy not touching everything else or I can succumb to the Lure of gluttony and eat my brains out. Have a huge helping of that forbidden Mashed potatoes and a slab of that sweet ham with lots of gravy on it..

My only solution is to try and prepare my favorites low carb and bring them along. My low carb Pumpkin pie, Swedish meatballs, etc... things that I don t have to pay the price for after dinner. Except for one place... my personal downfall when it comes to food. the Bavarian Inn located in Frankenmouth, MI. Being raised traditional German and my grandparents direct immigrants from Austria and East Germany I grew up eating German food and that restaurant takes me back to 6 years old in my Grandma's kitchen tasting the sourbraten sauce and smelling the delights cooking while she was busy in the kitchen...

That is one place where i will eat my fill, stuff my gut and eat enough food that is all together bigger than my head.


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