LINUX ALARMCLOCK: update and info

First off if you are looking to do the simple task of having mp3 playback from your alarm clock then stop what you are doing and go look at this. It does what you want. If you want the automated wakeup system that I have then continue to watch and follow along.

I have my TS-7200 board to start building, unfortunately I cant find it as it got misplaced in a wild-hair cleaning that happened for a showing. (Yes i;'m selling my house) so being off for the next week and a half I will locate the dang thing build a suitable power supply with a battery backup... (I really wunder how long it will run off a 9Volt battery) and get a base setup for development outlined. I think I will try out the debian image they have on their website for a 256Meg CF card that will allow compiling on the target platform directly! that will significantly increase development speeds. I also need to tear my old unit apart to look at the interface from the LCD to the SBC. I remember that the LCD is 5 volts and the ts7200 is 3.3 volts so there is a converter inbetween. Also i will find and post the make and model of a suitable enclosure from a donor alarm clock.


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