Get rid of annoying features in Open Office

Ok a word processor is supposed to help me not fight me. I moved to Op[en Office because of Word's nasty habit of trying to fight you every step of the way with it's "help"... good example? a list of phone numbers turns into uneditable number lists!

So in Open Office to disable the horrible autocomplete feature you fo to Tools, Autocorrect and then the Word Completion tab. uncheck enable word completion. Under the Options tab you can disable the stupid URL and email highlighting by unchecking "URL recognition". You can also uncheck the "Apply Numbering" to get rid if the nasty bullet behaivoir. Also if you hate that it replaces your bullets with a different character you cnad uncheck "replace bullets with:" as well.

Why do I like to disable all this? honestly it's a pain. If I am working on my resume special character bullets cause troubles when emailing it or submitting it to a webform.

And being a old-skool guy who has been word processing way before microsoft word even existed I prefer to have full control over my formatting and do not want to fight the software to format it the way I want it.


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