Time for Ren Faires again

WEll It's time again. the Derbyshire Ren faire is in the planning stages again for this year. Lynne and I decided that filming the inner workings of a Ren Faire once more (we shot the beginnings of the Mayfaire back in 04) would be fun and a good way to keep from becoming stagnant in video production. I honestly haven't shot anything serious for over a year now. I need to get the XL1 and Gl1 out and use them every weekend to get back in the swing and knowing the cameras in my sleep before we do this.

I am looking forward to it, Lynne will have to learn the ropes of Director of Photography as my son Ben, has moved away and we dont have any friends close by anymore that I can trust with the gear or having the ability to learn really fast how to shoot video like a pro. Our writer and best friend is off to big college in the southern part of the state and not able to come by every weekend like she used to. I am betting she would love to learn the DP side of things.

I really need to build the camera crane as well, and rebuild the dolly. It's been outdoors for the past year and more than likely ruined... although I really did not like it as it required track and I hate laying track, cleaning it off, leveling, etc...

I need to build one with bike tires to smooth out bumps.

Finally, Here is the building a Ren Faire video we shot back in 04.

Mayfaire website


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