Corperations suck.

I am trying to get some information about satellite TV services and specifically if Dish or DirectTV demand and require that you have a live old analog Phone line connected to their receiver for you to get service.

So I fire off friendly emails to both and get the cryptic standard responses from both of them that say "bla bla bla, to use XXX you haveto have the phone line, bla bla bla pay-per-view requires phone line .... bla bla bla bla"

Leaving me as confused as before, asking the question, "so you will refuse to sell me service if I refuse to hook up a phone line?" get's responses that do not answer my question and talks more about pay per view.

Sattelite is $39.99 a month, buying a phone line just for the stupid dish receiver is another $50.00 a month, way more expensive than CableTV. does anyone know if I can buy sattelite tv and never EVER hook it to a phone line? The people at Dish and Direct TV dont know as they will not tell me.


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