New Blog look, back to editing Video, Happy V-day!

Ok It's been 3 years with the old Blogger template. I decided to do some fancy-schmancy changes with Dreamweaver and Gimp to create a new look. I am not sure if I like it. but I'll let it go for a bit to see how I like it. I also plan on adding a couple of gee-wiz items to the sidebar. A flash photo album I can update easily and a podcast player that I can link to my favorite podcasts that is a bit more friendly than the one I have there now.

I started re-learning my video editing and decided that I am going to figure out and use regularly After Effects. Yes it's old, after effects 5.5, but hey It still does cool things and there are thousands of tips and tricks online for it.

Valentines day, one of those fun days that if you forget it you die a horrible death of the evil look from the women in your life. I bought a dozen heart shaped cookies from the coffeehouse/bakery near work that are incredibly good. Eats are better than flowers :-)


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