Cinematography -- Back to the basics

"Directors like to think that they are The Business, but the truth is that Script Writers should be right there on the pedestal with them. Unfortunately, a lot of good scriptwriters are really unpresentable to the modern world." -- Oliver Stapleton

As I try to get back into the swing of Filming, I started to get back to the basics. and I started re-reading some of my filming bibles, specifically the book by one of my favorite European Directors, Oliver Stapleton. He is brash, in your face, and down to earth. I forget that the best directors are that way. They realize that they are not the center of the world but their crew is and that they cant do squat without their writer. The crew is not to be abused by the talent. And many more snippets of reality that fly in the face of Hollywierd's touchy feely attitude, which remind me of why I started this whole money and time pit 4 years ago.....

Oh, the quote was picked specifically to annoy a certian writer I know :-) Hi Juli!


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