Email,Wii, and clogs

I have a new favorite Email/Calendar software. It blows outlook completely away IF you are not trapped interacting with a horrible MS exchange server. It's called Thunderbird and is a part of the Mozilla project. You can add a plugin to thunderbird that gives you your calendaring system called lightning. It brings thunderbird up to what I wanted. Calendar with "event invite" as well as the ability to sync with others. I finally bought Lynne her Christmas Gift. A Nintendo Wii. I was able to stalk the local Target store electronically and found out last thursday morning they had a shipment of Wii's show up, I bolted out the door and was able to get the last one. Lynne was really happy. She actually likes the bowling game quite a bit. I find the Wii to be actually quite fun to play and you end up interacting with the other players verbally and physically unlike all other Video game systems.

Finally, As a tip from the "I should have known better" category. WE had a drain back up in the basement. It's where the washer drops it's water and the 90 year old can trap finally plugged. Lazy me went and bought a bottle of "industrial strength" draino to unclog it, knowing full well that it wont do anything. I have NEVER EVER been aboe to get that junk to work.

Yup, I wasted $8.00US to buy a bottle, pour it in the drain and wake up in the morning to see "it's still clogged!" do not buy any liquid drain cleaners. they do not work no matter WHAT anyone says.


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