Shameless plug

Ok, I started a Wii Game review blog at wiireviewer here on blogspot. It's a different type of Videogame review blog. I dont waste time writing on and on about the game I get tot he grit of it and speak the good and bad and my personal critical decision. If a Game get's a 5 rating that means I dropped the $50.00+US to actually buy the game, it was that good.

I am doing this simply because lots of Wii games are getting raving reviews and are in reality garbage. The Rampage:total destruction game is a great example. It is utter crap because the Wii version is not finished so you cant control the on screen character. Who cares if a game looks like a movie if it is unplayable.

So there you go. Being game reviews I enabled comments on it so others can either rebuff my critical review of the game or add details I may have missed


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