My linux alarmclock.

after mentioning the linux alarmclock, I have been flodded with requests for details. Problem is I built it in spare time at work 2 years ago and really dont remember the full details about it. BUT! I am going to build another one and will detail it completely here! Total cost in 2003 was around $325.00 but it is well worth it. I will stick to a 4 line LCD display instead of a graphical display to keep cost down as well as keeping it from becomong a never ending project.

all posts about it will be labelled as LINUX ALARMCLOCK: to make it easier to grep my blog for details.

So I will find out what cheap Single board tiny computer is available to start as the base for this and get a parts list together for others to follow along with.

If enough people are interested and are joining in i'll start a sourceforge project so code and designs can be easily shared.


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