Michigan, Winter, Life and People.

Well it's officially winter. we just had 4 inches of snow dumped on us and I got to drive 120 miles of the 160 mile commute in it. Now the grould is not cold enough to keep the roads icy, the bridges on the otherhand are icy. But that does not stop everyone from forgetting how to drive and acting like a bunch of panick-ridden children. Cripes! Most of these people on this road have lived here all their life and they cant remember how to drive when it's a bit slippery. Granted many of them are driving on bald tires because they decided to put off getting new ones as long as they possibly can... yes that is a truth, check it out the next time you are in a store or mall parking lot. It's amazing how many people are driving on crap tires that are worn out. I've never owned a 4 wheel drive in my life and can drive places that scare most 4WD owners. It's all in the tires. I remember the winter 6 years ago when I drove from northern michigan to work every day and there were times that snow drifts went over my hood on the highway in that little Kia Sephia.. All because I know how to drive in slippery conditions and buy good tires.... and I give most of the credit to the tires. I also tried that "siping" before, you know they take your new tires and put them in a machine where they slash your tires hundreds of times on purpose! I never saw a different performance on snow or ice with them, I did see a difference with the michelin high traction all weather tire (and the tigerpaw of the same type) these tires have tons of tiny little slits in the tread that grab the snow and ice very well, where I see others sliding I stop easily without triggering the Antilock.

Life is interesting, this is my favorite time of the year, snow, holidays and family. I am so looking foreward to buying gifts for friends and family, espically my little girl... She is getting more and more fun to shop for. I am unsure what to get Lynne. I gave her an engagement ring and a nice ruby last year. but she is not big on jewelery.... buying a woman appliances is considered a death penalty so I need to think about what she would really like and get that..... something fun that she will be really happy about.

That's about it, the Geo is getting it's first dose of winter so i am very interested in seeing how it not only handles in snow but if the gas mileage goes up because of the higher efficency of very cold intake air.


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