I could see the forest if it wasn't for all those trees!

It's been an interesting week, I am getting very weary of the 3 hours drive to work in the morning and I really enjoyed actink like a normal person for a few days having 2 days off this past week. Fall is my favorite time of the year and this year it seems that it passed in the blink of an eye. It's november now, the winds of November arrived today with it's looming grey skies of despair. Maybe it's the impending winter, the fact that I am unwilling to give my house away for almost nothing, The feeling that I am following the wrong path, or that I am finally realizing that I am allowing the world to control me and consume my life. I remember when summer felt never-ending Where a weekend with close friends left you refreshed and you felt like you had a couple of days rest. right now it feels like time is passing faster and faster. It's a blur that catches me off guard only when I realize that an entire week has passed and I haven't noticed. I have way too much I want to do in my life to waste it on corperations, business meetings, conference calls, and planning meetings. I want my life back. I want to have those carefree days of yore, scratch that... I want a single day from then. A single carefree day that felt endless. How most cubicle dwellers wouldn't kill for a day like that now.

No, we sell our soul for the almighty dollar. We gladly submit to our masters day in and day out for the bi-weekly bucket of just enough to keep you happy for a while. some of us sell more than our soul to get more satisfaction.

My delimma is how to break free of the bonds of servitude. To steal back my soul, to regain that which I lost long ago to the masters of deception......

Oh man, I'm either whacked or need more sleep.


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