LINUX ALARMCLOCK: Initial specifications and links

Ok, Ive done some research and found that the board I used is still sold for a cheap price... you can get it here and it has the specifications and other information at that page. it's ARM based so a direct drop-in of slackware is not possible, but it's really easy to recompile slackware for ARM and to create a cross compilier toolchain for this.

I do not use built in sound for the alarm clock but use USB speakers that meet the USB sound spec. This gives me nice stereo sound so I can place a speaker on each side of the bed. I also have an internal buzzer/beeper sounder just in case the music/speech doesn't wake you or if the power is out and it has to operate on self contained mode for a while.

Do not get the RTC option. the alarm clock sync's with your main computer or with whatever time server you desire... if it has to run in stand alone mode for enough time to drift badly then you have way too many car batteries under your bed.

I suggest finding a clock radio that is beefy enough for you to shoehorn in these goodies. also find a nice regulated 1 amp 5 volt wall wart for the clock. if you want you can go to 6 volts and we can shove a 5 volt linear regulator in there to make sure you get clean power.

The on-board temperature sense is nice, but I prefer to grab my data from the house server or the internet. I also do not care about being aboe to read the clock easily at night so I use a 4 line 20 character LCD display in green. a simple CDS cell in line with the backlight power will vary the intensity with the room lighting if desired.

Ok, that is the start. I'm ordering my board soon as well as a new set of USB speakers to play with. ($29.00 cheapies are a god start)

also get yourself a copy of slackware installed on something and start reading up on building a cross compiler toolchain and Uclibc. WE will need to compile things against this to make them smalle, faster lighter and just enough of a PITA to keep everyone interested.


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