Mential Dribbles

My brain feels leaky today. so I guess I'll let it dribble all over the place.

Holiday's are upon us, weather here can't make up it's mind. I learned this past week that you CANT NOT cheat and use video floodlighting to take portraits with a camera. I could not keep exposeure and color balance correct to save my life. I also learned that I really need to get a second 28-100 lens so I have a matched pair of S1's for photo shoots. when shooting in uncompressed tiff mode you get way ahead of the 64meg buffer in the camera and need to swap to another camera while it writes to the 40X cf cards.

So go out and spend $200.00 for a basic lighting flash kit. cheap work lights from home depot will not do the job, even though you are dumping 5000-7000 lumens on the subject.... After shooting about 300-500 meg of photos I think I have a couple of good photos of Juli and her little one. I really wanted to get Lynne some camera experience but it was so difficult to keep the portraits useable in the lighting that I spent most of the time trying to get a good photo. next paycheck I'm getting a 2 unit flash kit.

The Geo is doing well, although sitting there the power steering belt got loose or simply stretched so it's squealing... I need to tighten that. I still average 36-38mpg although the week my son borrowed the car he somehow only was able to get 30mpg.... I really need to find out what driving style he used so I can avoid it.

I hope to get my linux alarmclock cpu board soon. I have a 16megCF card as well as a 340meg microdrive to do development on (nothing like compiling on your target platform to make life easier.) I already have the 4 line 20 character lcd. there is a guy on ebay selling them for $9.95 each for a green backlight. you can find blue backlight for $19.95 but I really dont want the room glowing bright blue at night. I still have not found any suitable donor alarm clocks to gut for the case/body.


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