Delusions of Grandeur

Ok, so I have not posted anything informative for a while now so I promise that this post will have something that is informative. First off one of my absolute best friends has moved her blogs to this place and if you want you can find her at her blogs. She is a writer so be gentle :-P I am well on my way getting the photography side of me setup.

And after thinking about business-cards I realized that the best place for high end full color business cards is right under my nose..... Costco. in photo shop make a business card and then copy 3 of them onto a 4X6 300dpi blank image in photoshop. now that image printed on the $0.14 each 4X6 at costco gives you 3 glossy (or lustre) business cards that you can change at whim and look far better than a printed box of cards would. It's on photo paper, something perfect for a photographer or videographer or artsy person. So that is my tip for the week, make your own business cards for about 6 cents each and change them at your whim.

At first look the discount photo places like you find in the stores seem to under price by massive amounts.... $4.95 for a portrait package of 1 8X10 2 5X7 and 8 wallets and they throw in a 11X17 for free... Yikes! these people whore the price line dont they. Until you look closer... there is another $4.95 fee a 9.95 session fee and a 19.95 fee if there is more than 1 person in the photo. plus you get 1 shot at it. 1 flash and you are done... hope you looked good because a second photo is $19.95.

I am looking at making the basic portrait package at $30.00 which is a steal considering you get 3 poses, 1 8X10 2 5X7 5 wallets and all proofs as well as a professional photographer instead of some kid that was shown how to operate the camera at minimum wage. Am I nuts to try and compete in this world that looks saturated with low-ball crank out mediocre portraits?

the high road looks daunting, and I still need a background stand and portrait flash kit.


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