XP tablet edition on the Stylistic 3500

First, to all you MCSE and Microsoft Tablet experts out there in the forums I send a big razzberry to you for telling me time and time again that it's impossible to install XP tablet on unsupported hardware.

Yes, it is possible and not that hard to install XP tablet edition on the old Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 tablet PC. And in fact it runs pretty darn good. There are two things you MUST do to get it working. 1 - get a floppy drive for the stylistic. you have to fdisk and format the drive on the tablet to get the geometry right. 2 - the pen drivers for windows 2000 work just fine if you install them from the add/remove hardware function in control panel. you do have to edit the registry to disable the w2K pen monitor utility as XP has that built in.

The only problems are that some of the gestures for bringing up panels do not work because of the resistive pen and not the magnetic pen digitizer on the tablet. Also I have a 20 gig drive installed instead of the stock 6 gig.

Be sure to convert to NTFS file system after install to get some speed out of the anemic laptop hard drive (4800rpm is horribly slow today yet you cant get a fast laptop hard drive yet.)

so yes kids, it's possible, and not with too much pain to install tablet edition on unsupported hardware, no matter what the experts and MCSE's tell you.

It's as fast as 98 with pen extensions was on it, faster than 2000 + cic PenX and certianly more accurate in the calibration. CiC's calibrate stunk on all stylistics.


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