Internet Huffing

Ok I decided to take advantage of the time between not having a cable modem and when the DSL modem shows up to test out my "Internet Huffer" or device for accessing open internet accesspoints from long distances. I have mounted inside my garage a high gain antenna for 802.11 and a WET11 from linksys. With this combination I have had broadband in the house for the past 4 days from an open accesspoint 500 feet down the road. I also can see about 5 other open accesspoints as well. So this on top of the RV will work very well this summer in snagging that free wifi at the campground store and bringing it back to my campsite for convienent surfing. Heck it even feeds into a WRT54G with linux firmware on it for rebroadcast on that accesspoint perfectly.

I need to test it with the primestar 32 inch dish I recently bought to see if I can get even more range out of the setup. IF I can get 1000+ feet then blasting through trees will be very easy and allow more freedom in camper location in the state and private parks.

I also came across a neat tv antenna at one of the distributors today that would easily house an accesspoint and a pair of high gain patch antennas in a waterproof tower mounted setup. This might be a nice short range (200foot) setup for smaller campers or RV's that cant handle a 32" dish on the roof.

UPDATE: I have been asked by several friends that they though from my last blog entry that I already had DSL. No, I tried my neighbors out to see if it worked as good as cable and that is where I discovered that it was working better. sorry abou the confusion.