Verizon DSL tweaks

Ok, Last night I had to finish my fight to get my Broadvoice VoIP line working on my Verizon DSL line. I was having some trouble because of a "nice" thing that Verizon does to you as a home customer. They send your DSL modem with a firewall/NAT enabled to protect the typical internet user from almost 99% of the viruses and hackers out there (no it will not protect you from clicking on a virus or hacker program and starting it yourself.... if you get an attachment delete it do not open it to avoid those.)

Well that "protection" also protects you from having a VoIP line, Online gaming, etc... So I decided it must go and after scouring for a couple fo days online I found a working solution for my modem. Here is the best instructions I could find online that actually work. I tried all of the ones from the forums and those are broken in one way or another.


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