A great way to explain DRM

REcently the EFF released a short cartoon video to help explain what DRM is and what it does to you. you can find it at the EFF site for your viewing pleasure, they even let you download it.

DRM = Digital Rights Management and it is not a good thing in any way shape or form as it is designed to hijack your rights as protected by law. You have the right to all kinds of things with media, music, and books you buy for your own personal use. DRM is designed to tkae those away. Imagine buying a new book and having to call the publisher for an access code every time you want to open the book and the publisher can refuse to give you the code at any time for any reason.

Take a quick look at the cheezy and not that well done cartoon, but it's at least a start in getting the message out there that DRM in any way is very bad for you.

Do you really want companies to track what you listen,watch and read let alone control it?


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