Continue the search for perfect Internet TV

Ok, I am getting annoyed at the DSM-320's firmware and the lack of programming skills the guys at DLINK have with it. Come on, 30 second skip is not that hard to invent and I am getting really tired of not having it.... so it looks like I will be migrating to a linux PVR package to modify for my uses.

MythTV is pretty much out as it's near impossible to gut it's TV recording functions from it without gobs of rewriting. FreeVO on the otherhand will be easy as commenting out a single line of code.... I think that might be the route I will be taking.

Create a cheap PC to run freevo and simply point at the Video repository on the server in the basement... Now to figure out how to add in the function to remember what position in the file it was at when you stopped playing. I really miss that feature of the ReplayTV as well. (some DVD players also do this for several DVD's at a time.)

I am also looking at whole house video distribution to get the gear out of the rooms. Using a Universal Remotes MX-900 for the rooms to get ease of use.


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