Update for more information about online scam.

I have had several personal emails asking for more details on the company in Maine that is screwing me out of my money.

E and E auto Service
689 Gardiner Rd
Wiscasset, Maine 04578

Steve spaulding is who he claims to be, but I also have recieved emails from a Jeannette from their partsme2001@yahoo.com email address. Lately she claimed that I did not pack the engine for return very well. the 4 people here that helped load it on the truck are in disbelief over her claims. I just wish I took photos and documented the whole mess better. Phone calls to Maine lawyers said I can certianly win in small claims court, but will need to transport myself and my witnesses there for the hearing. I have filed a complaint with the BBB against them. Basically to cap it off, responses from these people are usually filled with lies or excuses they make up. Her latest lie of a car accident within the past 2 weeks mysteriousally has no record in the entire state of maine with any of the police departments. And the lincoln county police department has several complaints on file for that business. I just wish I had someone that I could contact to go into the place and get more info like a business card, photos of the outside of the building, or see if there is a steve or jeanette spaulding listed in the phone book.

Of all my years online I should have followed my gut and not did business with these people. the day I mailed the payment to them I had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Moral of the story.... if there is not much information about the company you are looking to do business with online then do not deal with them. They shipped me the wrong engine the DAY I asked for a refund claiming that "we already shipped it" which was one of their biggest lies that I discovered after contacting the shipping company.

I guess I needed to learn a hard lesson about buying things online.

UPDATE: I talked to a lawyer... He chastised me hard for paying with anything but a credit card. He also said that the ONLY way to protect yourself is using a credit card for payment, otherwise I'm stuck with having to go to court, transport my witnesses to court, pay legal fees and other costs. Expensive lesson learned... if they will not take a credit card, DONT BUY FROM THEM.


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