fun with linux and recieving podcasts

Ok, I have been trying to find nirvana with podcasting. with the recent loss of my aireo I am no longer limited to the inane and silly requirement of playlists. I am using a great podcatching app for linux bashpodder . This one is great and combined with a perl script to cut up the podcasts into 5 minute mp3's and a script to look for my usb flash stick and copy all new podcasts to it make the whole thing braindead for me now.

I get home, plug the usb stick in and leave it there till morning. all podcasts are replaced with the new selection all in alphabetical order and chopped up so I can find my place easily with the el-cheapo vr3 mp3 player I have stuck in the cigarette lighter power in the geo. I wish there was a car stereo that would take a usb stick and offer more functions (remember wher you are, offer different amounts of skip foreward and back, etc....) but it will probably never exist.