Smells of spring

i discovered a "quirk" with the VR3 mp3 player modification I made. if you plop your GPS on the dash near the wire you will not recieve any sattelite signals to the GPS. it seems that the signal is strong enoughto overloadthe reciever of the best GPS that Meridian makes. That's a bugger when driving someplace you are not used to and want the GPS while listining to your podcasts. no real advances on the Geo Metor fuel economy project. I am still looking for machine shops that will make me a pully or two for decent prices, a friend mentioned that I should also look in junkyards at other cars for pullies that are near the size I am after and look at making adapter plates to mount a different pully on the engine and accessories. A company here in town will plasma cut 7/16ths thick aluminum plates for only $30.00 each if I stay smaller than 6". this might be an option if I have the clearance under the hood to extend the pully's out a bit, but I may have problems lining up the belts to the master pully on the crankshaft. More measuring is needed as well as scouting the junkyards. I'm thinking that if I can find a popular import that has the same bolt patterns I could find aftermarket "performance parts" for those cars that will fit in search for the smaller pully size.


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