cars mp3 and updates...

A couple of updates, the modification I did to the vr3 mp3 player works insanely well. I left it running in the company van and then drove away in my vehicle tuned to the same frequency.. I could still recieve the signal clearly 100 feet away. 400 feet away I could still hear the signal through static.... I think it was a success! I have decided to tackle some of the minor bodywork on the geo. The previous owner ran up on a guard rail and scratched the underside of the body panels. That is not the bad part, the bad part is she ignored the scratches and never waxed or washed the car. so 3 years later I'm looking at having to repair 2 3-inch rust holes and about 16 square inches of rust damage under the paint. Moral of the story?? WAX YOUR CARS PEOPLE! a hand wax job 3 times a year would dramatically slow down rust. if she would have simply spraypainted the scratches after the accident there would have been no rust at all. So using an abrasive wheel I am removing all paint and primer until I get clean metal and a smooth metal to primer treansition. Then spraying the entire area with the rust convert primer. Some people say the stuff does not work, they do not use it right. you MUST remove all rust you can, this stuff is to convert the tiny bits of rust left in the pits so they dont start spreading again like cancer. after this you sand it down again, spray with a regular primer and then paint. I'm going to put some fiberglass cloth over the hole to plug it up and make it look better and then perform the primer and paint stages. Just remember, if there is any rust left, it will come back within months. GET THE RUST off now, take your time.

I am getting ready to do the engine swap, I am planning on performing lots of maintaince on the engine before installation.


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