Ubuntu 11.04 : great idea, in the end it sucks because of Unity.

Ubuntu over the years has been turning into an incredible Linux distro. It's easy to use and works great..... Until 11.04 came along.

Ubuntu decided that how Linux is used is flawed. it allows people to easily use their computer and they need to take away that. Linux needs a fisher-price really dumbed down interface... They call this "unity"

And it's horrible in every sense. I tried to use it for 6 hours today. and all it did was frustrate me. It's great for a tablet or a netbook, but for a real laptop that needs to be used for work, reducing the computer to a row of shiny buttons and making any and all configuration or system utilities impossible to access is not smart.

I spent the last hour looking online how to get rid of this garbage called "unity" I found ho to enable "ubuntu classic mode" but it keeps trying to force this Unity garbage on me.

I guess it's time to find another Distro and start recommending another distro to others. If at release 11.04 has unity in it as default, Ubuntu will have officially jumped the shark and starting it's rapid slide to death.


  1. Used Windows for 20 years, then Ubuntu for the last 5, but I am gone if Unity is the future. Someone should tell Shuttleworth that a desktop computer is not a smart phone. Ubuntu has a history of releasing essentially beta software, while ignoring chronic problems (like sound issues), but this release is the last straw. All kinds of things broken. No Menu? Who wants to have to type to find an application. Ridiculous.

  2. I agree with both of you. I tried using Ubuntu Classic as default, but it threw in those stupid little Unity buttons on the left. With that floating dock, Canonical has destroyed what makes, for me, the biggest selling point for Ubuntu: how well organized it is. Applications, Places, System: who could argue with that? It's simple, straightforward, and believe me, if my wife can use it without problems, anyone can.

    I finally had 11.04 decide for me that it was not the ideal distro: it did a check disk at startup today, told me there was no /tmp, and would not boot to the GUI. So...I did what I suspect a lot of folks will do -- I downloaded 10.11 and installed it. Now I'm happy again. Should I ever get a tablet, I might consider 11.04, but since I never plan to get a tablet, it's pretty useless.

  3. I was a Windows user till Vista. Now, with Gnome 3 and Unity, I m wondering if its not time to go to Windows 7.


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