Encountered my first defamation...

Very wierd week. I have experienced my very first defamation/lie about my work in my 30+ year career. I was working at a job that a previous employer had me work at before and I said hello to all the people I knew and set to work. One of the people I have met and dealt with before showed up, I gave him some information and as I had lunch plans, I left for lunch. Came back in 30 minutes and continued to work the rest of the day and doing a great job in making sure it had a high level of usability.

3 days later my employer get's a email claiming that I refused to make any changes and was rude to him. He demanded that I do not return to the job site. This is a complete and utter fabrication. I can not believe that someone, let alone someone I have dealt with before would lie like that. Throughout my career I have had stellar reviews and kudos from every customer for my attention to detail and flexibility. And this person knew this. The only reason I can think of is that he is angry at something that happened in the past that I am unaware of and decided to be unprofessional and fabricate a lie to make an excuse to "punish" me.

My employer did not believe him at all, they know me and my track record. I was told to just ignore it as someone having a bad day.

By the way, the persons name is Brian Regan, he is the IT supervisor at Baker College Muskegon Campus. I have found in my experience with him that his level of honesty and integrity, as well as his professionalism is not acceptable. I would strongly caution anyone dealing with him as a vendor or as an employer based on my personal experience with him. I am posting this so that others searching for his name will read this and be informed by my experiences with him and my personal opinion.

This is my personal opinion of the man. I wish I could let it just roll off my back, but his vulgar attempt at personal defamation to my employer is simply appalling to me.