LG LCD and Plasma TV set woes..

Lg has really went down hill on the quality of their TV sets lately. Their RS232 port for integrator control has become unreliable. I have noticed and others as well that if you send it a ON command and then ANYTHING ELSE before it's completely on or the next 8 seconds the TV set will lock up it's RS232 control and need to be unplugged to reset the RS232 control once again.. Yes this is not a problem for the typical home user that can not afford a home theater control system or integration system. But for the top 2% of America this makes LG a "low end brand" that they will not want in their home. Add to it that Integrators are starting to recommend against LG brands to their customers because of unreliability issues and it spells trouble for the Brand.

LG started life as Goldstar and gained a reputation for selling junk. They rebranded as LG and vowed to become a leading top name brand, and did a good job until the past year when the quality on their DVD recorders, BLuRay players and TV sets started to take a dive. I really hope they can pull a turn-around and get back to the goal of being a top brand in quality.


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