Review of the Dual XML8100 / XML8110 ipod stereo 18 months later....

This is a long term update to the Dual XML8100/XML8110 car stereo. After 18+ months in a rarely used minivan with my wife it has started to fail on the iphone dock connector. the audio crackles and the right side speakers cut out unless you press down on the iphone. The FM tuner got worse, the selectivity and adjacent channel rejection is so bad that it's unusable in town.

Also contrary to the documentation it will only pair to one phone. you can not pair it to multiple phones, only the last paired phone is useable.

Also the promised app never existed.

If it came with the bluetooth module and retailed for $50.00 it's worth it. but at it's $99.00 price plus $50.00 for the bluetooth module, it's overpriced for it's quality.