Poor man's High end home automation Take II

Crestnet wire is a "special" wire for crestron interconnection. you CAN use CAT5 wire for it, but I found a better wire that works as good and is cheap when found surplus.

Balanced audio wire. it's got a shielded pair and an unshielded pair. all are larger gauge than crestnet wire and works perfectly. I have 500 feet of it installed in the house right now. I got the spool of 1000 feet for $25.00 at a local auction.

Cheap wireless control can be had by getting your hands on a RF universal remote. 418 mhz is the typical RF remote range. Then learn in or program it from the Crestron codes online. I have a really old URC remote controlling my gear for the bedroom I got off ebay for $39.00. but I had to buy a 418 RF gateway for Crestron... That was $100.00 but will handle 10 remotes just fine.