The END of 2008.

The end of 2008. 2008 had some good parts and some bad parts. One of my favorite parts is that my business is taking off and I got back on a motorcycle. Both of those make me really happy. I published a Book and a DVD this year, both ended up as surprises to me as to their popularity. Major changes in my relationships with friends family and loved ones really solidified and became better, I am happier now than ever, I feel more loved than ever. I stepped outside the box, and will never go back in the "normal" box again. I laughed more in 2008 than in 2007... that has to count for something.

The bad is that my daughter has made it her career to get into trouble. 2008 was nothing but a string of bad and worse decisions by her. I learned that you cant direct them anymore at 17 you can fight like the world depends on you and in the end they punish you for all your efforts. she's burning bridges, refuses to accept help, and I'm helpless to change any of it short of getting her incarcerated. If she wants the life of trailer park trash and losers then so be it. She was not raised that way. Your kids friends are the biggest influence in their life, do what you can to control TIGHTLY what friends they have. It sounds bad to say it, but many of the poor kids are trash, many of the rich kids are complete garbage, and the number of good kids are getting smaller and smaller every year. I just look back and wish I would have put her in private school before she got to 5th grade, as she is turning out to be a prime example of what public schools have become. Granted my corporate career, and working 60 hours a week to climb the corporate ladder did not help. And my abandoning the corporate executive path was too late to change her path.

I have regrets, but you cant change what happened. And you cant let those regrets stop you from moving forward in life. I have always has more drive than the normal person. In 2009, I will harness and unleash that drive. Excuses are not allowed in 2009.

That is my biggest new years resolution, that and getting less fat.


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